Handcrafted shoes,made in Italia

From our artisans to you

Our mission is to offer high-quality Made in Italy products without having you spend a fortune. How do we do it ?
We only sell directly to you, no middlemen involved.

As they used to do

Every step follows the Italian tradition

It’s always the right size

It's easy to find your size with our guide.

And, if you get into trouble,

shipping and returns are free in the USA,

Canada, Norway and Switzerland

Always on the move.

As seen in the news

"A young brand of elegant shoes 100% made in Italy

with an affordable price and a really high quality"

- Maurizio

“It’s anything but easy to offer a 100% handmade product, from the beginning to the end, at reasonable prices. Velasca is an Italian brand for everyone”

- Giovanni

“Velasca is alternatively traditional because it pays homage to classic styles, whether you’re a businessman in a suit or a more casual dude”

- Luca

“To me, made in Italy is about really caring about the quality of the materials you’re going to use. And Velasca succeeded in turning a classic concept into a relevant modern one”

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